Some Things That You Should Never Tell Your Hairstylist

Some Things That You Should Never Tell Your Hairstylist

Things Hairdressers Hate: Some Things You Should Never Tell your Hairstylist During A Hairdressing Session

It might be true that your hairdresser never acts bugged when you tell them something (or sometimes nothing), this doesn’t explain their state of mind. While there are some things that you should always tell your hairstylist prior to getting your hair done, there also are some things that you are better off not saying. Ask us why? Here are some things you should never tell your hairstylist while getting your hair done.

Sit and Say Nothing

Well, the first thing you should never tell your hairstylist isn’t thing that you tell your hairstylist but, is actually you say nothing to him/her. Don’t go and sit in the chair like you are occasionally visiting somewhere and tell your hairdresser to do what they think might suit you; the idea is your responsibility. Also, don’t remain silent when something is bugging you while your hair is being done, say immediately if something is causing you discomfort.

Are You Sure This Is How It Is Done?

Of course, we get your concern about your hair, and we are glad you are careful when approaching the subject. But let us be frank, working as a hairdresser service in Singapore, we don’t prefer it when people ask if we know what we are doing. Hairdressers master their own way of doing work. So questioning them to their own craft is something that will show you don’t trust them enough.

Oh, Well, This Wasn’t What I Exactly Wanted, But I Like It

A hairdressing session is never complete until the person receiving it is fully satisfied. Tell your hairdresser if you didn’t get what you want.

Some Things That You Should Never Tell Your Hairstylist

See it in this way, hairdressers respect the fact that people have something in mind; and they want to help their clients achieve that. So, even in their case, they would redo the hair again and again rather than getting feedback such as this.

I Need A hairstyle; I want It to Be Short but Not Too Short And ….

Well, a hairstyle is very different from love, but what they have in common is that both can’t be described in words. Never tell your hairstylist that you don’t have the picture with you if you want them to provide you with a specific style. It is possible that your hairdresser will mistranslate your words and do something else with your hair. And if it happens, you will be the one to blame in this case.

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