The Best Answer To How Often Should You Get a Full Body Massage

The Best Answer To How Often Should You Get a Full Body Massage

Here Is the Answer To A Frequently Asked Question, “How Often Should I Get A Full Body Massage?”

“How often should I get a full body massage?” This is a question heard by massage practitioners not only in Singapore but all over the world. The good thing is that it is generally asked by the people who are well aware of the benefits of massage; only those who know how effective massages can be are willing to ask the question and follow what their specialist says. So, how often should you get a full body massage? For this, we will have to say; there is no definite answer. Or, the answer depends on a person. The frequency of you getting massages depend on your needs, lifestyle and what you want to achieve with it.

Let us say that you just want a relaxing session and rather than achieving something very specific; you just want to make sure your body to function properly and keep it intact. In such a case, getting a massage once every month should be enough for you. Again, even this depends on your lifestyle, let us say that you do casual workouts or play amateur sports, then you will need a massage therapy from a certified practitioner at least two times a month.
The Best Answer To How Often Should You Get a Full Body Massage
As a general rule of thumb, we will have to say that the two times a month rule also holds true for people working in a job where they are likely to get overstressed such as a manager, and we also recommend the same for off-season professional players. Remember that we said two massages a month for professional players in ‘off-season’ because they might need a massage every three days during the period of training or playing heavy sports. People going to the gym every day will also need a full body massage two days a week.

The above were the cases of general and mandatory massage requirements, now let us group it into another classification. If you want to achieve something with your massage, meaning that you want it to do more than just making you relaxed and loosening your muscle tightness’s, you will have to find for yourself how often you should get a full body massage. For example, you want to aid your sleep. That means go for a massage once a week. Or let’s say you want to help the massage heal your tissues or spasm, then about two times a week. Note that this is just a rough estimate, you will need to ‘hit and trial’. Make massage appointments and see for yourself the number of massages that make you comfortable. If you are taking massages for other specific health benefits, you could also consider referring to a doctor.

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