The Reasons For You To Receive Massage During Pregnancy

The Reasons For You To Receive Massage During Pregnancy

Prenatal Massage: Here Are Some Benefits Of Massage During Pregnancy

Prenatal massage or massage during pregnancy should be a regular schedule for every pregnant woman. Pregnancy is a phase where you hope everything goes perfect, for both the mother and the soon to be born child, and regular massage sessions are going to aid a lot for the well being of both of them. Here are the benefits of massage during pregnancy.

Less Stress

Pregnancy is a very stressful phase. First, there’s a lot of responsibility and adding on to it; the hormone imbalances make it very tough for a pregnant woman to cope with everything that is going on. Stress is something that should be reduced as much as possible during this time, which increases the value of massage during pregnancy.

Hormones Balance

We talked about it before as well. Anxiety and depression during pregnancy are directly related to the body hormone levels, and a massage can help to regulate them. Several studies have shown that prenatal massage results in significantly reduced levels norepinephrine and cortisol (hormones related to depression), and increased production of dopamine and serotonin hormones (happy hormones).

Loosen Muscle Tensions And Relieve Pain

Feeling tight everywhere could be a concern for many women going through the stage of pregnancy. And massage can again be a helpful way to address this problem.

The Reasons For You To Receive Massage During Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy will loosen any tight muscle joints, and also help a lot in relieving the physical stress during pregnancy. So, like a professional massage therapy centre in Singapore, we recommend that you take at least two messages a week as a pregnant woman and your experience will be a lot easier.

Swelling Joints

Tightened muscles and the physical state can make tough for the blood circulation during pregnancy. This creates swelling joints and nerve pain which will need to be addressed with proper prenatal massage techniques. Also, sciatic pain can sometimes be an issue during the later phases of pregnancy, and massage therapies can help reduce its effect. So, it is a good idea to get as much as massage during pregnancy heading into the third trimester.

Better Sleep

You can’t afford to more sleep during pregnancy; it is time you need the most rest. Anyway, increased stress levels during this time can make insomnia a frequent occurrence. So, getting better sleep is one of the most important reasons for you to get a massage during pregnancy. Good sleep is mandatory during pregnancy, and it can’t be overlooked, so you will need to be getting a regular massage when you are pregnant.

A thing to remember: massage during pregnancy is not the same as massage during other times, there are some spots and techniques you need to avoid. So, get only get massages with certified professionals during this time. Contact us if you are located in Singapore, we are a full-time massage and spa service in Singapore. Here’s more about our services.

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